Special Topic: La Maison





Special Topic: La Maison
The presenter was so completely easy for my Year 11 students to follow and they were able to relate to the humour of his style of presentation. An excellent resource!
Jim Black, Otago Boys' High School, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Help your students improve their vocabulary at the same time as their spoken fluency
with this latest quality resource from Visual Education Media. Carefully edited to
create an enjoyable balance between education and entertainment, this latest resource
complies with the NZ schools’ French Curriculum Document and relates well to Australian
and UK curricula.

An accompanying CD-ROM provides teachers and students a full range of support materials
at various levels: transcripts, bilingual dictionary, activities, exercises and puzzles,
plus notes on using the resource.

Can be used in conjunction with the 'Métro' text book.
1xDVD, 1xCD-ROM.(Support Material)
Feature length: Approx. 32 mins.
Main soundtrack: French with French subtitles.
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 enhanced
©2010 Visual Education Media Ltd.

1. La Maison de Jean
A likeable young Frenchman, introduces us to the grounds and various rooms of a
typical house, presenting the contents of each in simple, clear French.
The sequence is divided into chapters to allow for more detailed study and may
be viewed with or without subtitles. Suitable for advanced beginners up.

2. Une Maison en Bourgogne
In the second sequence, which is also divided into chapters but without the
option of subtitles, Madame Frolet presents the three stories of her house in
Nevers, and the daily routine of life within it. The level is more advanced:
from strong intermediate to tertiary.

La Maison  by VEM Productions: a quick review by Pascale Hyboud-Peron ( Administrator)

'The  VEM Production "La Maison" is made of a DVD and a CDRom that can be used across a range of levels.
The DVD has two parts:
- La Maison de Jean introduces vocabulary and set phrases
- Une Maison en Bourgogne revisits the vocabulary and extends it to use it in descriptions.

Neither parts are meant to be watched non stop and the teacher can easily select the scene to work on with his/her students. The native speakers deliver at a slow pace and you can choose to view La Maison de Jean with subtitles.
The CDRom and its teaching resources complements the DVD. The suggested (printable) activities are designed to put the emphasis on aural skills and to be used in conjunction with a chosen scene. The grammar and culture notes, as well as the extensive glossary, provide teachers with a versatile support on which to base lessons at a range of levels. While the language may not suit a beginner, the use of these DVD and CDRom can be pitched to a range of audiences.

Spending a little time exploring these resources to see how best they can be used with classes is a worthwhile exercise as they provide the context within which to set a range of assessment activities (eg: at L3&4 the students produce a poster describing their dream bedroom, at L7&8 students discuss the differences between the French home and theirs, while noting cultural differences and similarities)

The La Maison production offers extensive French language input, a range of formulaic expressions used in daily life and it provides students with the opportunity to make comparisons and connections.'


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