Les Magasins Flashcards

26 laminated A4 double-sided photos and CD-ROM

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Special Topic: Les Magasins Flashcards (2010)
An attractive set of 26 laminated, A4 high resolution photos of Paris shops,
printed on card, each backed with pictures and text of common articles sold in
the shop. They introduce students to the essential vocabulary of 25 shops and a
typical department store. The shop fronts, many of which also merit discussion for
the signs and inscriptions of their frontage, were all photographed within Paris.
On the reverse of each card are pictures and text for a range of items of the type
sold in the shop.

An accompanying CD offers teachers a number of supplementary resources:

  • suggestions for using the cards;
  • a slide show of the 26 shop fronts;
  • a complete French-English English-French dictionary of over 400 words and phrases for advanced activities;
  • a complete set of vocabulary tables to cut out for use with an accompanying set of pdfs of the shop items to match with the vocabulary;
  • a comprehensive range of puzzles for testing the vocabulary;
  • and a blank table for internet research.

These combined resources should ensure that students are thoroughly au fait with all the vocabulary in the flashcard set.

CD-ROM Edition

Les Magasins Flashcards by Visual Education Media Productions [reviewed by Pascale Hyboud-Peron (, Administrator, NZAFT Treasurer and Listserv Moderator]

'If you are after a handy resource that can be used across levels  and across themes (shops, food and drink, fashion, around the home, etc.) and that is practical enough to use effectively with little class preparation, you may consider acquiring a set of VEM’s  Les Magasins flashcards.

    The 26 laminated Flashcards, produced from excellent quality photos, provide a wealth of opportunities to introduce and reinforce vocabulary.  All the words and phrases provided are conveniently illustrated by visual clues.  You can use as few or as many as you want.

    The durable flashcards can also make excellent temporary visual displays in any classroom  while a theme is being introduced, or can be used as table-sets during a particular activity.

    The set comes with a list of sound and practical suggested activities based on language with a strong emphasis on culture.

    The accompanying CD-Rom, for Windows or Mac, provides a range of printable vocabulary-based activities to emphasise accuracy and fluency.

    At NZ$115 (+shipping), the Les Magasins flashcards are:

        * convenient ( they can sitn your desk drawer)
        * a visual incentive to invite more spoken vocabulary output from students
        * versatile
        * low maintenance and low tech
  Making time to familiarise yourself with this adjustable resource will ensure its best use with your students.'

    Pascale Hyboud-Peron (
    Administrator, NZAFT Treasurer and Listserv Moderator
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