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“I found the Parish Flashcards extremely useful because they could be used either as a simple cultural resource for complete beginners, or  to generate sophisticated conversation for more experienced students.  The A4 size is also very helpful for small group work and presenting to the class.”
Paula Henderson. Whangarei Girls' High School, Whangarei, New Zealand.

I have just received my package order with the new posters for the French weather and seasons.... They are fantastic...
I'm writing to say thanks and how I'm sure they will brighten up my french room and help to further inspire my students with the beautiful, colourful and great digital imaging of scenes in France....
Thank you again.. I am very happy and will forward my recommendations to other colleagues.
Best wishes
Wendy Peterson at St.Joseph's College, Banora Point NSW, Australia.

'The Paris DVDs are great for inspiring the students about the city and its atmosphere.They can be used for conversation in French or for providing information about aspects of Paris.

The various posters can be used for creating a French atmosphere in the classroom and for many other purposes. The images depict different aspects of France which are not usually seen.

The 'Les Magasins' resource kit is a very useful aid for teaching the topics with activities'.

Reet Stewart, Head of French, Trinity College Senior, Gawler, South Australia.

'What I really like about this product is how it has been made
with the teacher in mind and the adaptability of the resource
to the teacher’s needs. The truly authentic shots, without
commentary, give the teacher the freedom to use the material
in a variety of ways. Quite simply, the teacher can use them with
his/her own running commentary as video clips, based on research
work of the area. Students can be grouped and given a section to
be responsible for and to provide the commentary themselves as
part of an oral assessment. The possibilities are endless.  

Furthermore, there are excellent ready-made resources on the
accompanying CD-Rom to reinforce or help extend this oral work,
comprising of vocabulary lists, puzzles, crosswords and DVD scripts.
A real find for any language teacher! '

    Barry Hills
    Head of Languages
    All Saints Anglican School          
    Gold Coast

 Viaduc de Millau

Your CDs and DVDs worked really well on the computer. I LOVE THEM. It's been so nice to visit France right in the comfort of my own home. I had a great day watching them. I will continue to enjoy them. We heard about you from my France magazine.
Ellen Goodrow, Vermont, U.S.A.

'As a student of French and a future teacher, Visual Education's products
both excite and encourage me. My teaching focus will be from the social
sciences/ history perspective and whilst these products on the first level
are aimed at language students, the cultural aspects are a valuable tool to
bring alive both the history and daily life.

On a personal level these products have helped my learning.Students need
to be exposed to the various regional accents as soon as possible with
language learning. What is "standard" in a language?

Wandering through the Markets of Uz
ès,the listener is exposed to the
voices of Provence,for example,opening the senses on several levels.
I am a believer in Rousseau's philosophy that education should be fun.
For me these DVDS are invaluable and I would like to both congratulate
and thank the producers.Their work inspires me!'

    Sharon McWatters

Le Marché d'Uzès

'As I have been privileged to view the complete range of VEM's productions
I can truly recommend them to the teaching fraternity.  Of course, coming
from Jersey where our official language is French,  plus as we're also part
of the old 'Duchy of Normandie', I am 'au fait' with many regions of France.
These DVD's are so beautifully filmed that I felt as though I was really in
Normandy, Paris and especially the Marche at Uzès which I have also visited,
together with many similar ones in this region.

The accompanying CD's are a real asset with their additional material, including
crosswords, vocabulary and other items connected to the actual DVD's. As there
is no Commentary this allows for greater scope such as 'pausing' for discussions
amongst Students and their Teachers.
These products are a MUST for any language teacher.'

    Susan Marsh
    St. Saviour
    Channel Islands
    Iles des Anglo-Normandes

Café de Flore, Paris

'I particularly liked the market one because it has so much scope for activities at various levels and is visually interesting throughout.'

    Verna Morris
    Head of French
    Dunstan High School
    New Zealand

 Château d'Ussé

'Just a quick feedback on Sights and Sounds Paris 1: it is an authentic resource, no tampering here, and I love using it, to have the ability to pause and get my students to talk about the scene, description, whatever.
That’s why I’m ordering Le Marché d’Uzès now.'

    Manu Menard
    Teacher of French
    St Matthew’s Collegiate
    New Zealand

Le Marché d'Uzès

Les Magasins Flashcards by Visual Education Media Productions [reviewed by Pascale Hyboud-Peron (, Administrator, NZAFT Treasurer and Listserv Moderator]

'If you are after a handy resource that can be used across levels  and across themes (shops, food and drink, fashion, around the home, etc.) and that is practical enough to use effectively with little class preparation, you may consider acquiring a set of VEM’s  Les Magasins flashcards.

    The 26 laminated Flashcards, produced from excellent quality photos, provide a wealth of opportunities to introduce and reinforce vocabulary.  All the words and phrases provided are conveniently illustrated by visual clues.  You can use as few or as many as you want.

    The durable flashcards can also make excellent temporary visual displays in any classroom  while a theme is being introduced, or can be used as table-sets during a particular activity.

    The set comes with a list of sound and practical suggested activities based on language with a strong emphasis on culture.

    The accompanying CD-Rom, for Windows or Mac, provides a range of printable vocabulary-based activities to emphasise accuracy and fluency.

    At NZ$115 (+shipping), the Les Magasins flashcards are:

        * convenient ( they can sitn your desk drawer)
        * a visual incentive to invite more spoken vocabulary output from students
        * versatile
        * low maintenance and low tech
  Making time to familiarise yourself with this adjustable resource will ensure its best use with your students.'

    Pascale Hyboud-Peron (
    Administrator, NZAFT Treasurer and Listserv Moderator

La Maison
  by VEM Productions: a quick review by Pascale Hyboud-Peron ( Administrator)

'The  VEM Production "La Maison" is made of a DVD and a CDRom that can be used across a range of levels.
The DVD has two parts:
- La Maison de Jean introduces vocabulary and set phrases
- Une Maison en Bourgogne revisits the vocabulary and extends it to use it in descriptions.

Neither parts are meant to be watched non stop and the teacher can easily select the scene to work on with his/her students. The native speakers deliver at a slow pace and you can choose to view La Maison de Jean with subtitles.
The CDRom and its teaching resources complements the DVD. The suggested (printable) activities are designed to put the emphasis on aural skills and to be used in conjunction with a chosen scene. The grammar and culture notes, as well as the extensive glossary, provide teachers with a versatile support on which to base lessons at a range of levels. While the language may not suit a beginner, the use of these DVD and CDRom can be pitched to a range of audiences.

Spending a little time exploring these resources to see how best they can be used with classes is a worthwhile exercise as they provide the context within which to set a range of assessment activities (eg: at L3&4 the students produce a poster describing their dream bedroom, at L7&8 students discuss the differences between the French home and theirs, while noting cultural differences and similarities)

The La Maison production offers extensive French language input, a range of formulaic expressions used in daily life and it provides students with the opportunity to make comparisons and connections.'


Pascale Hyboud-Peron (
  Administrator, NZAFT Treasurer and Listserv Moderator
New Zealand

P.O. Box 95223

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